Laser Gum Surgery/Laser Periodontal Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery/Laser Periodontal Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery

Laser lights at different wavelengths and power settings have the ability to do different things in human body.  Nd:YAG (PerioLase MVP-7TM) is a laser that has been shown to selectively kill bacteria that cause gum disease without damaging patient’s own cells.  Because the laser tips are usually a lot smaller than the dental instruments used to remove debris under the gums, laser gum surgery allows a more thorough debridement of diseased root surface leading to greater rate of successful therapy.

Major advantages of laser gum surgery are as follows:

  • minimally invasive when compared to the traditional gum surgeries
  • no scalpel and stitches
  • faster recovery
  • better patient acceptance
  • safe for medically compromised patients
  • no need to stop blood thinners

It is important to note that not all types of gum disease can be successfully treated with lasers.  In certain situations, traditional gum surgeries are required.